Young People


If you’re 11-25 you can apply to be part of a Tricycle Young Company, take part in workshops with professional theatre-makers and get access to discounted tickets.



Young People Programme

cl_img_ensembles_1 Tricycle Young Company
Each year, three Tricycle Young Company groups for 11-14s, 15-18s and 19-25s, will work together to create new productions for the main stage. We recruit new members each September.
trike-thumb TRIKE – Under 26 Tickets
Under 26? Love theatre and film? Become a Trike member and get £10 theatre tickets, £5 cinema tickets & £5 workshops. Free to join.
Workshops-thumb Workshops & Activities
Engage with professional artists and develop your performance or theatre-making skills.
Takeover-thumb Takeover 2016
Find out more about Takeover 2015, or get involved with our next one!
Take Over Festival Tricycle Talks
On-stage Q&A and panel discussions, examining theatre-making and the themes of Tricycle productions in greater depth.

£10 tickets for 15–26 year olds are available to Trike members only. These tickets are in Bands B & C only, for performances Monday–Thursday during the first two weeks of each run of most productions. Tickets are limited and subject to availability.
Become a Trike member here.
To book online visit our programme pages.
Please contact the box office on 020 7328 1000 for bookings and information.