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Meeting the MUJU Crew: Actress Amina Zia

Thursday, July 9th, 2015 by Tricycle


Welcome to a new blog series from the Tricycle: Meet the MUJU Crew!

Later this month, The MUJU Crew will be presenting their new comedy sketch show, Come In! Sit Down! The MUJU Crew formed at the Tricycle 10 years ago and are now returning to our stage for a side splitting night of comedy complete with sketches from a hip hop Rabbi and feminist Fatima and her four husbands!

Over the coming weeks we’ll be speaking with The MUJU Crew and finding out what they think about comedy, culture and the creative process. Today we’re introducing actress Amina Zia who tells us its OK to be a funny Muslim, and talks about some of the challenges she’s overcome in the creative process.

Check back later this week where we’ll be introducing actress Daniella Isaacs.

Fore more information and to book, click here.