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The Edinburgh Fringe in London

Monday, July 21st, 2014 by Tricycle

The Kilburn Passion  C31B4339

We know that sometimes it feels like the whole world heads up to Edinburgh in August- but for those of you sticking in London, there’s a whole menagerie of fringe theatre available in North London with the Camden Fringe. The Fringe is opening its doors at a number of venues across this borough this week and our own Tricycle Young Company are a part of the action with their production The Kilburn Passion. Co-founder of the Fringe Michelle Flower is guest blogging for us today.

This summer – from the 28th of July to the 24th of August – the 9th Camden Fringe will be taking place at venues across the borough of Camden and (slightly) beyond. This will be our biggest Fringe yet, with over 200 different productions being hosted at 26 venues. (We have to be slightly vague about the number of shows as we still have more acts wanting to get involved. As I write this I think we are up to 216.)

The Camden Fringe started in 2006, when it consisted of 22 acts in 1 venue. The idea was to set up an alternative to the Edinburgh Fringe in London, as often Fringe theatres in the capital went dark during August, as received wisdom was that “everyone is in Edinburgh”. Of course London is always full of talent, punters and creativity and because of that the Camden Fringe has grown and flourished. So much so that people now talk of alternatives to the Camden Fringe!

This year we have a typically fringey and eclectic mix of shows. From a strong showing by Shakespeare, through mind reading, physical theatre, musicals, improvisation, sketch comedy and stand-up, to shows that defy categorisation. We like to think there is something for everyone, and that ticket prices are low enough that audiences might take a chance to watch random show they know little about, just in case they catch the next big thing.

We are delighted the Tricycle Theatre are involved with the Camden Fringe in 2014 and are reviving the hugely successful The Kilburn Passion for 7 performances as part of the fringe. Presented by Tricycle Young Company 19-25 Ensemble – a young company bursting with talent – and having such a local focus, The Kilburn Passion is exactly the sort of work that the Camden Fringe should champion.

Please check out our full programme of events at and see if anything takes your fancy.  You never know what or who you will end up seeing.

Michelle Flower

Co-founder and Director of the Camden Fringe.