The London Lift-Off Film Festival

For the first time student and professional film makers have the chance to showcase their work in an unbiased environment…

See student and professional/independent films side by side and vote for your favourite! Awards will be given to highest standards in drama, acting, story structure and artistic style. A large budget and glossy production value means nothing to the team behind Lift-Off – it’s all about great delivery of an honest story. 

Set up as a level playing field and as a voice to cater for international and local talent, The London Lift-Off Film Festival promises to give film-makers the unique experience of showcasing their skills to a wider audience. For the audience, it’s a chance to see film-makers from all over the world display the wonderful craft of story telling.

With 18 films on screen over three days, this really is not a date in the film festival season to be missed!

Standard Ticket: £7.50
3-day Festival Pass £18

Screening Schedule

Monday’s films
Rocket (UK)
All you need is love (Brazil)
Letting Go (UK)
Les Armours des perdues (Denmark)
INTERVAL (10 mins)
Dusters (UK)
Only sound remains (UK & Iran)
Pa’anna (USA)
Worship (UK)

Tuesday’s films
Remembering Formby (UK)
Corvus (UK)
Adams Tallit (Austraila)
The plan (UK)
INTERVAL (10 mins)
Sanctified (Italy & UK)
Sink (UK)
Ridícula (Spain)
Variationen (Finland)

Wednesday’s films
Alone (USA)
Drift (UK)
Bawra Mann-The Heart Needs No Reason (India)
INTERVAL (10 mins)
Vincent (UK)
Mossadegh (USA)
The Maiden and the Princess (USA)
All Pinatas go to Heaven (UK)

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