Dirs. Annie Sulzberger and Guy Natanel | UK 2013 | Documentary | English subtitles | 75 mins

“I need the massive scale to portray the intensity of my emotions” David Breuer-Weil


Glorious and fascinating portrait of “one of Britain’s most powerful and original contemporary artists”, David Breuer-Weil, whose giant apocalyptic canvases and monumental public sculptures have earned him worldwide acclaim.

We join Breuer Weil at work in his Hampstead studio… at his place of study, Cambridge… and in the forests and beaches of his mother’s childhood home in Denmark. All the time he is creating, musing, revealing… Why he does what he does, how the Holocaust fuels his work, what is his personal Garden of Eden and why he has ruled an imaginary kingdom of ‘Nerac’ since childhood.

Followed by discussion with artist David Breuer Weil and directors Annie Sulzberger and Guy Natanel

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