Join us for a post-film Q&A with director Nicholas Beveney.


A taut, high energy, non-stop thriller that interacts the laws of the streets of London, and the inevitable, turbulent clash with the metaphysical forces rooted in Africa.

(Please note there is depiction of strong thematic material, including violence, disturbing images, strong language and brief sexuality)


Blacklands cast includes
Nicholas Beveney
Lonnie Smith
Alicia Charles
Jo Nuttal
Bhasker Patel
Beatrice Rose
Zenia Bond
Anna Tyne
Jeremy Tiang
Matthew Jay Lewis
Julian Lamoral-Roberts
Edd Muruako
Alicia Jones
Keshia Watson
Danielle Isaie
Mo Thomas
Lonnie Smith
Orion Lee
Louie McKenna
Jo Martin
Simon Wright
Clive Smith
Bradley Benjamin
Charlie Carter
Lee Ravitz
Jack Cassidy
Pablo Olewski
Clare Perkins
Jimmy Akingbola

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