Ancestral voices: Esoteric African Knowledge


Yellow Fever
Dir: Ng’endo Mukii – 2012 / Kenya / 7min

With this visually very artistic & beautiful short film – a mixture of animation and performing bodies – Ng’endo Mukii explores how those of African descent perceive their body in relation to skin colour & race, and the effect on their mind and soul.

Ng’endo Mukii focusses on African women’s self-image, through memories and interviews to describe the almost schizophrenic self-visualisation that many African women have grown up with as a result of a globalised ideal of beauty that creates homogenous aspirations, distorting people’s self-image across the planet.

Ancestral voices: Esoteric African Knowledge
Dir: Dalian Adofo & Verona Spence – 2011 / UK / 73min

This educational documentary opens up a much-needed debate about traditional African spiritual systems, examining significant correlations between tenets in mainstream religions and African spiritual practices widely stigmatized as Juju, Obeah or witchcraft and questioning why in light of these similarities African systems are viewed negatively whereas modern religions are not.

The film touches on the necessity for African & African Descent people to reconnect with their ancestral knowledge to reach true equilibrium of the Mind Body & Soul.

Afro Cut; Whatever the cost?
Dir: Barry Oumarou – 2006 / France-Guinea / 6 min / English voice over

Black curls are increasingly trendy in Paris, the French capital. Afro hair salons are proliferating and the sector is out to seduce clients ready to spend a fortune to look their best…

This short doc gives a snap shot into the new trend throughout the Diaspora for a more holistic approach to black hair and beauty products – a result of the new generation affirming their identity by embracing natural looks & demanding natural products to care for their natural hair.

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