Articles for February, 2016


Blog Takeover: The word from Press Road

Monday, February 29th, 2016 by Tricycle


Say hello to Rebecca Twydell, the Tricycle’s Press Road Young Company Director. Rebecca has been working with the mega energetic Press Road young companies along with playwright Somalia Seaton to create a performance that will no doubt be something special for Takeover 2016: Paradise

Hello! My name is Rebecca and I have the pleasure of being the Press Road Young Company Director for the second year running.

I work with a rather special group of young people who are full to bursting with enthusiasm and excitement at performing as part of this years’ event, Takeover 2016: Paradise.

I am directing projects with two of the Press Road Young Company groups; 7-9’s and 10-12’s alongside writer Somalia Seaton. The groups are creating two original plays that capture their voices as young theatre makers.

Both groups love games (they could play splat for hours) and are very energetic. They’ve been creating news reports from their story worlds, hot-seating different characters, writing their own monologues, creating freeze frames, improvising scenes and working with drafts of the script. And they are never, ever short of ideas and imagination. Despite having gotten to know them all pretty well over the last few years, they still manage to surprise me. I have been amazed how willing even the youngest members of the group have been in actively listening to each other’s ideas, building and adding, sharing and suggesting and the generosity and respect they have shown to the process of writing a play together.

Both groups have created something that reflects their different personalities and interests but that also gently explores what concerns and worries young people their age have; be it making friends, revising for tests or the serious matter of cyber bullying. It provides an important insight into the lives of young people.

So, after months of sharing ideas and making characters, last week we sat down with the first full draft of their plays and did our first full read through.

Suddenly, with only 4 weeks to go (and that’s only four hours in our case!) it’s all beginning to feel very real. Luckily it’s half term, so as well as being under strict instructions to learn their lines we’re meeting for an extra weekend rehearsal to get the show on its feet.

Book tickets for the Press Road Young Company double bill performances here. Check out the full Takeover 2016: Paradise line up here.


Blog Takeover: Melanie’s back!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 by Tricycle

Melanie’s back! We had such a positive response to trainee producer Melanie’s last Takeover 2016: Paradise vlog, we’ve asked her to come back and update us on what’s happening on her art installation project, FOUND.

The good news is that now you can get involved in Melanie’s project!

How do you offer a tribute to a place? Your love to a borough? How can a road be paradise?

FOUND is a living art installation, that will bring every corner of the Tricycle to life, with stories, photography, film, poetry and art from the communities both within, and local to, the Tricycle Theatre. FOUND will be an opportunity for new audiences to discover the Tricycle, and for artists and creatives to explore, collaborate and create. 

As a project, FOUND is a celebration of the beauty of Brent, why it is loved by so many, and how the places we call home can often become a sort of personal paradise for us. FOUND will be displayed at the Tricycle Theatre as part of Takeover 2016: Paradise, existing as a display of postcards, written by local people from the Brent community, who are working with the poet Simon Mole to explore and express the ways in which Brent is their paradise.

While FOUND is about and for the Brent community, it is also an exhibition written by the Brent community, and this is where YOU come in, where we’d love your help. We want to hear what you love about Brent, your favourite smells, sights, places, moments. Maybe it’s the smell of your local baker, or perhaps it’s that moment you caught between two friends outside Tesco last Tuesday. What is it that makes Brent BRENT for you and what is it that you love about it?

To contribute your thoughts, please either tweet us @BrentFound with #loveletter2brent or email them to us at Our favourites will be in with the chance of winning 2 x tickets to The Invisible Hand!

Find out more about Takeover 2016: Paradise and see the full line up here.


Blog Takeover: Behind the scenes on Switch

Monday, February 22nd, 2016 by Tricycle

With just 2 weeks to go until the launch of Takeover 2016: Paradise, we’re continuing our blog takeover with trainee producer Natalie, who is working with the Tricycle Young Company on producing their performances. As you’ll hear, Natalie is excited to find out what’s been happening in the rehearsal room with the 19-25s young company who are creating an immersive theatre piece called Switch.

Tickets for Switch can be bought online here. Check out the full Takeover 2016: Paradise programme here.


Blog Takeover: Losing your sense of paradise

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 by Tricycle

Today we are introducing Takeover 2016 trainee producer Ollie, who is creating a special circus performance during the Takeover that examines the relationship between the depths of our minds and circus arts. Auditions to take part in Circus Minded are this weekend – email Ollie here to find out how you can get involved.

As the Takeover approaches, the anticipation is rising amongst the young producers!

We are all beginning to see the projects that make up Takeover become a reality. It is strange to think that all of those conversations about concept and the meaning of Paradise are so close to being fully realised.

As a part of exploring this main theme for my event Circus Minded, I have been focused on what happens when we lose our sense of paradise. The results of my research have pointed me towards the inner worlds of those experiencing mental health problems. I am exploring how a person can feel completely disconnected from the world, and even further still from paradise, when suffering in the grips of an illness that they have no control over.

Circus Minded is a project intended to contribute to and develop the conversation about how those experiencing mental health issues can reconnect to the world and step out of their internal realities, at least for a moment.


Through circus as an artform and a physical practice, myself and several circus performers I am working with have discovered how circus skills stimulate both the creative and logical parts of the brain. Circus can be a way of reconnecting people, through physical sensation, to the world in a positive and exciting way.

The culmination of my thought process about this is resulting in a circus performance, devised and developed as part of Takeover 2016: Paradise at the Tricycle. Through Circus Minded I hope to continue the conversation of how circus can also be used, like dance, as an expression of our deepest selves. We’re very excited for you to come and see it.

For more information about mental health and the alleviating effect of circus, please read this article written by Grace Wong, who speaks from personal experience.

Auditions to be involved in Circus Minded are taking place on Saturday 20th February at 2pm-4pm at the Tricycle. Please email Ollie here if you’d like more information or to be involved.


Blog Takeover: Taking a turn in the ball pit of creativity…

Monday, February 15th, 2016 by Tricycle


Today’s guest blog is from Hannah, another member of the Takeover 2016: Paradise Trainee Producer team. Hannah explains the process of how she came to be working on the Takeover film festival, and the ups and downs of the producing process so far…


Our meetings could only be described as creative ball pit. We effortlessly bounce off of each other’s ideas, playing with them and then dropping them, constantly swimming through concepts for events and having fun with no boundaries.
My main objective and reason for wanting to partake in the Tricycle’s Takeover, was because I knew that I could use the platform to create events that were inviting and reflective of the diversity of Brent. I pitched an event (I had never pitched anything before!) for artists from refugee, migrant and asylum seeking backgrounds to showcase short pieces of performance that they would curate with the theme of ‘Paradise’. In conjunction to this I wanted to put on three film screenings; one that I saw at the London film festival in the summer last year called Dheepan, and two more that I wanted to select from Moving Worlds which is a film programme that is dedicated to showcasing migrant stories in and out of the UK.
When I met with the team of young producers it turned out there was a shared interest in working on performances with refugee and migrant artists. This sparked a conversation between the producers and we decided that a film festival in the Takeover would be something really unique! So, that’s what I’m pioneering.


As a collective, we contributed a list of films we thought would closely link to the theme of ‘Paradise’. I listed the distributors for our chosen films to see if we could get our hands on them for Takeover. Although it turned out that Dheepan won’t be released until later this year, we sourced some incredible film favourites including 1984, Cinema Paradiso and Labyrinth and I’m really looking forward to working alongside the marketing team so that I can immerse myself in the process of creating materials to advertise the film festival!
I’m excited to see what audiences will attend the Tricycle Takeover  film festival. We’ve made some diverse choices so I’m confident that the audience will reflect that!

Click here to see the full line up of films in the Takeover Film Festival. Want to see them all? Consider buying a Ticket to Paradise, you access all events pass to every film in the Takeover Film Festival.


Blog Takeover: Paradise, Utopia and Dystopia

Thursday, February 11th, 2016 by Tricycle

Continuing our Blog Takeover, today Trainee Producer Melanie gives us a quick intro into some of the ideas of paradise, utopia and dystopia that were considered when programming the Takeover 2016 Film Festival.

For the full line up of what films are being shown in the festival click here. Want to attend them all? Why not consider buying a Ticket to Paradise, your access all events pass for Takeover 2016: Paradise.


Blog Takeover: How to Clash your Art…

Monday, February 8th, 2016 by Tricycle

Marcus event

For today’s blog Takeover we’re hearing from the first of the Tricycle Takeover Trainee Producers, Marcos. The Trainee Producers are a small but dedicated group of young people who have been working behind the scenes with the Tricycle Creative Learning team to bring you an awesome programme of events for Takeover 2016: Paradise. Marcos talks us through his research and head-hunting for the Spoke Arts Clash night…

‘Allo, ‘Allo!

I’m Marcos, the baby of the Takeover Trainee Producer group (I’m 20 y.o.) and I’m producing the Arts Clash night on March 23rd (be there or be square!) The Arts Clash will be an epic night of all things art; it will be all about artists from different backgrounds working together to create completely unique pieces of work. For the night, I am scouting talented artists to take part in the event and make sure that they put on a great show at the Takeover. In order to find the best talent out there I am planning on going out to all corners of London and attending as many open mic nights, theatre groups and networking events as I can make it to.

During the beginning of the Trainee Producer programme I became more aware of what was happening across London due to the required research; I came across some of the most interesting gigs and events, one of which was the Merge Festival. The Merge Festival brought together a range of different events, performances and happenings scattered across London’s Bankside, and was also where I came across some surreal activities; the most surreal of which was an activity called ‘On Your Wavelength’ (pictured below).

Marcus Merge

Being new to producing events and theatre has made my time at the Tricycle a giant learning curve so far, I learn something new every meeting and working with such a talented group every week pushes and inspires me to do more. Part of the learning process was helping to produce the ‘Spoke’ night at the beginning of December which gave us an idea of what it was like to put on an event at the Tricycle. The night was a success as everything went according to plan, so if that’s anything to go by then Takeover 2016 is going to be just as good, if not better! No pressure!

I am most looking forward to the Takeover being finished. That probably sounds bad, but let me explain myself. What I mean is I can’t wait to see how far everyone has come as I feel I and everyone else has progressed a lot and the Takeover is still over a month away! I also can’t wait to see you there!

Check out the full line up of events for Takeover 2016: Paradise here. Interested in attending lots of events? Consider buying a Ticket to Paradise, your access all areas pass for the Takeover. More info here.


Blog Takeover: Welcome to Paradise

Thursday, February 4th, 2016 by Tricycle


Welcome to the 3rd annual blog Takeover! The programme for Takeover 2016 has just been announced today so we’ve got an extra special blog post for you from Young Company Director Tom Bowtell. Tom is introducing us to all the young company groups and what the theme of ‘paradise’ means to them. Check back for regular behind the scenes blogs from our young company members and trainee producers as we count down to spring and the start of Takeover 2016: Paradise.


The third annual Takeover Festival at the Tricycle has been themed Paradise. We chose this theme as we thought it’s open to multiple interpretations, and the three Tricycle Young Companies haven’t disappointed: they’ve used it as inspiration for shows about momentary escapes from the daily grind, the complex thrill of early sexual encounters and the potential for humanity to migrate into a digital paradise. All three groups are on their way to crafting three excitingly contrasting shows alongside me, the Creative Learning team and a host of brilliant supporting artists.


First up are the 11-14s who are staging Bryony Lavery’s It Snows as part of the National Theatre’s acclaimed Connections Festival – itself the biggest youth theatre festival on the planet. Inspired by the Snow Day back in February 2009, the play explores a world of missed opportunity and gentle drudgery which is transformed by a blanket of snow: suddenly crotchety mums and dads are building snowmen, and impossible romance starts to happen.


Next we have the 15-18s who, in response to our provocation to ‘make a show about sex’ have created The London Borough of Bred. This fictional area of north-west London is populated by a group of teenagers who are unabashedly exploring their exploding sexuality. Bred invites its audience to gatecrash the party of the year: the one time where the poshies from Upper Crust estate, and the rogues from Crumbs estate mingle together. We’ll meet Hastan; a 15 year old who secretly bought a church, Tommy, who thinks ‘sex is just A1, mate’ and the legendary but shy Kitty. It will be a big night so let’s just hope that nothing gets out of hand… Bred has been devised by the company in response to academic research into young people’s sexuality in partnership with the University of Sussex and sexual health charity Brook.

The third piece, Switch, is a research and development performance of a site-specific adventure set in a dystopian future. Devised by the 19-25s group the show turns the whole of the Tricycle building into a theatrical imagining of a famous thought experiment – The ‘Experience Machine’ created by philosopher Robert Nozick in his 1974 book Anarchy, State, and Utopia. Set in London 2035, Switch imagines that all the bad things we are worried about happening, have happened, and asks the audience to decide if a virtual heaven might be preferable to a hellish reality.

I’ve already been astonished by the energy and creativity of all 60 members of the Young Company. I believe that the untrammelled minds of young people have the potential to create theatre no-one else could make, and I’m in no doubt that the itchy, complicated, vibrant version of Paradise they’ll make during the Takeover from 13 – 23 March will be unusual and extraordinary (in a good way).

Takeover 2016: Paradise is on from 13 – 23 March. Click here for the whole programme and to book. Click here to download a full press release.