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Twitter responses to Bracken Moor

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 by Tricycle

Bracken Moor is now roughly half way through its run in our theatre – here’s what people are saying on Twitter:

You have to see #BrackenMoor @TricycleTheatre by the very talented #alexikayecampbell with great performances by the outstanding cast..

#BrackenMoor is flawlessly constructed and the work is stunningly brave. Thanks for a great night of theatre.

#BrackenMoor, an utterly engrossing & suspenseful tale of grief & denial vividly brought to life at @TricycleTheatre

wow #BrackenMoor was truly haunting. Masterclass in acting from the leading lady, Awards should follow.

Bracken Moor is a must see! Brilliant new writing and brilliant cast @TricycleTheatre

Bracken Moor @TricycleTheatre—intense, gripping and some interesting debates in there

@TricycleTheatre really enjoyed Bracken Moor very spooky!

Can’t recommend #BrackenMoor @TricycleTheatre highly enough. A chilling, beautifully written play performed by an outstanding cast. See it!

Prompted by my daughter’s very positive experience, I have now also experienced #BrackenMoor @TricycleTheatre Wonderfully gripping theatre.

Saw a stunning #BrackenMoor at @TricycleTheatre last night. Chilling, intense and beautifully acted, written and directed. Lucky me. See it!

Saw Bracken Moor at the Tricycle Theatre – chilling but superb piece – a must see! @TricycleTheatre

Bracken Moor is on stage at the Tricycle Theatre until 20 July.
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Bracken Moor trailer

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 by Tricycle

Watch the trailer for this haunting production from Alexi Kaye Campbell, directed by Shared Experience’s Polly Teale.

Bracken Moor is on stage at the Tricycle Theatre until 20 July.
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