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Young Artists’ Exhibition in the Gallery

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 by Tricycle

Hello Art Lovers!

The Tricycle are very proud to present an exhibition of art work by our very own Young Artists Group. On display in the Tricycle Gallery until 28 May. The Young Artists are aged 9-19 and live or go to school in Brent.  They meet on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for art classes with our Artist in Residence Natalie Ryde.

Highlights of the exhibition include mini Tricycle Theatres inside boxes. You can take a photo through the peep hole for your very own exhibition souvenir! You will marvel at Leon Ellis’s detailed drawings of circuit boards and take in the vibrant shop fonts of Kilburn High Road by the Junior Young Artists.

Join us on Sunday 22nd May from 1-2pm to celebrate with us and try out some printmaking. It’s free and all are welcome.