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Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 by Tricycle

My Dutiful Laundrette by MUJU

The first reaction you get when you tell someone that MUJU is a Muslim-Jewish theatre and comedy crew is surprise, the second is always curiosity – how, when, why? The how and the when are easy – MUJU started life in 2003 as the Tricycle’s Muslim-Jewish youth group, coming together   to do weekly drama workshops. Spin forward a few years and MUJU has developed into a fully fledged company of devisers and performers, still resident at the Tricycle but also touring. MUJU is  a charitable foundation and voluntary project and the reason we exist remains the same as back in 2003: to bring Muslims and Jews together through a shared passion for art.

We’ve cover all ground in our work, from straight drama pieces about the Middle East, to a comedy sketch show about extremism and the government’s response to it. As the MUJU Crew’s skills developed, we wanted to give a platform to those with less experience of performing and devising so in 2010 we started a second group, the MUJU Upstarts. The MUJU Upstarts are a vibrant, enthusiastic and highly creative bunch and we are delighted that they are performing their second show with us next week as part of the MUJU double bill at the Tricycle. Their show, Flirting With Faith, is a very fun look at dating in the Muslim and Jewish communities. Join them for a night of speed dating the likes of which you’ve never seen before…

Flirting With Faith cast

As for the MUJU Crew, we’re busy learning lines for our play, My Dutiful Laundrette. Written by MUJU Crew member Yasmeen Khan (her first play) who will also be acting in the piece alongside Raph Bar, Georgina Bednar and Salman Siddiqui, the play is a comedy-drama (or soapy saga…) about love, loss and of course…laundry. The set has proved a challenge; with the whole play taking place in a laundrette, MUJU have been busy sourcing props to make it look authentic. There is now not a thing we don’t know about the laundrette industry, in fact we’ve dragged our friends into joining the debate about whether you get a better result in your machine at home or in the laundrette. See? Now we’ve set you off. Duvets. Everyone needs a laundrette for their duvet…

We wanted the cast photos to also be authentic as possible, so thanks to the laundrette owner on our very own Kilburn High Road that let us use his place for our shoot. Service wash, anyone?

MUJU double bill, Flirting With Faith and My Dutiful Laundrette, Mon 2nd April-Thu 5th April, 7.30pm.

Read more about the show by clicking here.

My Dutiful Laundrette

All photos: Kit Oates