A great vision…

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 by Tricycle

HE Masood Khalili, former political adviser to Commander Massoud, and Afghan Ambassador to Spain, made a special trip to Washington DC last week to attend the performance of THE GREAT GAME.

Below is an extract from a message he sent after watching the production:

“Thank you to the Bob Woodruff Foundation, for all Great things that all of you did to show THE GREAT GAME in DC. What a night it was, a night full of love and appreciation for the heroes who gave and give their lives for freedom, faith and global peace.

We all know that war is the worst option but we also know that mercy to the wolf is cruelty to the lamb. If unjust does not want to recognize justice, justice knows who is unjust.

Thank you for sponsoring the plays on the 100 years of history of Afghanistan. What a great vision to show history through art and culture to reach the hearts and touch the minds. The more you know the freer you are.

The plays were excellent. God bless The Tricycle Theatre of London, and God bless their Artistic Director Nick Kent. Watching the play on Commander Massoud and my life was indeed filling my eyes and heart with tears and smiles. It is a great emotional moment when you see yourself not in the mirror but on the stage; you talk while you are silent. Our past actions are the roots and we are all the fruits, sour or sweet.

Great thanks to the Public Relations office of the US Defense Department and British Council too.”