Great Game

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 by Great Game

Nicolas Kent on week two of the tour:

4.30am, and I’m unable to sleep for the first time on this tour. We had a wonderful reception at the Deputy Ambassador’s residence tonight – I had to make a speech which seemed to go down well, and did not sour UK/USA relations too much! Then after a fantastic dinner, with all the cast and stage management dressed to the nines and looking incredibly glamorous, we went off for drinks at Dupont Circle.

The team takes in the sites

On Tuesday morning we’re off to tour The White House, and on Thursday, it’s a cast Segway tour of Washington – from the sublime to the ridiculous!

It’s beautifully sunny here, the perfect Fall weather, and everyone we meet is incredibly enthusiastic about the project. Lots of policy-makers are coming and it’s great to be playing these plays where the decisions about Afghan policy are being made… again and again I am being asked if The Great Game is going to be televised…