Q&A with Tony Jayawardena from The Invisible Hand

Monday, May 16th, 2016 by Tricycle

Tony Jayawardena (Bend It Like Beckham, West End) plays Imam Saleem in The Invisible Hand. Find out how he prepared for the role and the most compelling aspects of the script and the production.

Tony JayawardenaTony Jawayardena during rehearsals of The Invisible Hand. Photo by Mark Douet.


How would you sum up your character in 5 words?

Enraged, charismatic, damaged, fatherly, dangerous.

What processes or techniques have you been using to prepare yourself for the role?

The main points in any process for me is to be clear on the story we are telling and then be very clear on what my character wants.

Global finance, international terrorism, politics, religion…. Which aspects of Ayad Akhtar’s script have you found most compelling?

I find the finance aspect fascinating mainly because I know so little about it. Learning about that and then seeing how Ayad has used it in the context of the play has been enthralling.

What element of the show do you think audiences will enjoy the most?

I hope audiences will enjoy be drawn into a world full of tension where the consequences really are life and death.


The UK premiere of The Invisible Hand by Ayad Akhtar will be on stage from 12 May – 2 July.
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