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Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 by Tricycle

Hannah marketing

Hannah’s back! And reflecting on what’s she’s learning about careers in the arts through her work as a Takeover 2016: Paradise trainee producer. There’s a few new, previously unconsidered career paths opening up that’s for sure…


Each week, we’ve met with a different member of Tricycle staff to discuss their role and what they do at the Tricycle. I would never have thought that by being introduced to just a few people that you’d learn just how many jobs there really are in the arts! When you’re in school, college, university etc., the way I saw it was that there were only a few potential careers paths. I was completely wrong. We’ve been introduced to the Artistic Associate, the Resident Director, the Development team, External Producers, the Marketing team, the Technical Director (this list goes on!) And those individuals got to share their journeys which all involved doing different jobs in the arts before they got to the Tricycle! It became really clear to me that there are endless routes and ways in which you can explore what you believe in and that there are different ways of doing it.

So, we’re a few weeks away from the start of the Takeover! It’s all really exciting; I’ve been sourcing the selected films that the cinema manager requested for the Tricycle Takeover Films programme. A meeting was arranged for us to discuss the potential of producing some separate marketing material in order to get as many people as interested as possible for Tricycle Takeover Films. I’ve been working with the marketing team to learn all about how they publicise events at the Tricycle – which has taught me that they are one, if not the most integral part of getting the word out about Takeover 2016: Paradise. Also, their creativeness in how to get people into the building is impressive. They proposed that selected local providers could set up competitions to win tickets and passes for events at the Takeover, which reminded how much a marketing brain is different to a regular one (mine)!

I’m confident that there is such a wide scope of events that there is truly something for everyone! Looking forward to seeing the community flood through the doors!

Take a look at the full line up of Tricycle Takeover Films – fancy seeing more than one? Consider buying a Ticket to Paradise, your unlimited access to pass to every event in Takeover 2016: Paradise.

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