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Friday, February 13th, 2015 by Tricycle


Britain Retold: A Portrait of London
An exhibition by Sara Shamsavari

With the World Premiere of John Hollingworth’s Multitudes in the Tricycle Theatre, we’re delighted to host acclaimed artist Sara Shamsavari’s Britain Retold, which previously exhibited at City Hall in 2011 and subsequently at Rich Mix and IITSPIRATION London in 2014.

Britain Retold is an ongoing body of work which reveals individual perspectives on British identity and how it is perceived within one of the country’s most international, rapidly changing cities, London – themes closely mirrored in Multitudes.

The exhibition reflects a range of viewpoints from diverse cultural backgrounds, and are brought together to form the series in an aim to create a singular voice. The series consists of intimate portraits that incorporate the symbolism of the Union Jack, which in these contexts presents both positive and negative connotations. The images are juxtaposed with statements, enabling the public to explore and challenge their past and current interpretations of what it is to be British.

Britain Retold seeks to open a platform that allows the multi communities in London to begin redefining what it means to be British, moving toward being wholly inclusive and allowing new associations to exist alongside tradition.

About the Artist

Sara Shamsavari is a British artist of Iranian heritage whose works explore and reinterpret identity and address current social and cultural concerns. While each of photographic series’ has a distinct focus they all seek to encourage the ideals of non-judgement, equality, unity in diversity and collective responsibility.

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Britain Retold is showing in the Tricycle Gallery from 17 February – 20 March, alongside our World Premiere production of Multitudes in the theatre. Multitudes, written by John Hollingworth and directed by Indhu Rubsingham, runs from 19 February – 21 March, and explores one family’s conflicts of faith, belonging and who gets to call themselves British. Find out more and book now.

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