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Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 by Tricycle

Tricycle Takeover 2015

Today we have a blog from Trainee Producer Will Mendelowitz, one of the young people working on Takeover 2015. Will is kicking off the blogging for Takeover 2015 – a week long programme of theatre, film, workshops and events created by and for young people. Follow the Tricycle blog over the coming weeks for insights from the team making Takeover 2015 happen…

Hello there! I’m Will, 23 from Wimbledon, and I’m one of the Trainee Producers working on Takeover 2015. I’m so happy to be part of this amazing series of events; Tricycle Young Company has truly taken over the building!

The event I’m producing is the a cappella singing workshop. It will be an opportunity for singers of all levels to learn the basics of close-harmony singing and (hopefully!) give a mini-performance at the end. It will be run by All the King’s Men (AtKM), a semi-professional group from King’s College London who have toured both in the UK and USA – I’m really excited to have them on board. I wanted to put something on during Takeover that would leave people with the experience of something new and maybe the desire to pursue it further! Performing in a group creates a fantastic sense of camaraderie and makes the whole performance process much more fun. Organising this has been a pleasure; AtKM were really keen from the get go, and I’m very grateful to my fellow producers and the Creative Learning team for their support of the idea.

Tricycle Takeover 2015

I’m really enjoying the producers’ weekly meetings. Each time we hear about the developments of each others’ ideas, while working together to plan the overall themes and other events for the week. I’m particularly looking forward to the Takeover Hangouts, opportunities for young audiences to hear from writers, actors and producers about their experience of working in theatre. We meet on the same day as Tricycle Young Company so can also always hear them (noisily!) rehearsing for The Dissidents by Shamser Sinha. It’s sure to be a packed week!

With the General Election so soon after Takeover, we want our young audiences to think about their political engagement and whether they feel heard. If I were to change one thing about the country, it would be compulsory a cappella workshops for everyone… no but seriously; I would want more theatre like we have on during Takeover: plays that show the real effect of political decisions on young people, rather than depicting the drama of the decisions themselves.

Looking forward to seeing you during Takeover 2015! I hope you enjoy the week.

Check out All the King’s Men here:

We’d love you to get involved, so remember to keep tweeting, posting and using instagram with the hashtag #Takeover2015!

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