Returning to True West by Eugene O’Hare

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 by Tricycle
'True West' Citizens Theatre  Photo by Pete Le May

Eugene O’Hare as Austin with Steve Elliot at Saul Kimmer

With True West opening for previews in just 2 days on 4 September, we welcome actor and writer Eugene O’Hare to the Tricycle blog with a thoughtful piece about reviving one of America’s modern classics for the Tricycle stage.

Leaving a place, leaving a person, leaving a thing.  
Forced to leave.
Unable to stay.
Unable to stay without the desire to leave.
What do you do about the thing you have left with such conviction which then becomes the thing you are increasingly unconvinced about leaving in the first place? A thing you were so convinced about leaving, you can’t understand your compulsion to return to it afterwards?

Forced to leave. Or decided to leave. Or had to leave but still can’t explain why you had to leave. At that time. That place. For that thing. That thing.

You could remember the reason. If you were honest enough with yourself that day, that night, that day. Or you could forget it for a while. Fictionalise it. Discredit it. Re-invent it. Disparage it. Intellectualise it. Complicate it. Deny it. Repeat it. Or all of the above and more.  
True West?

Every character in Sam Shepard’s True West has a place they have decided to return to: Austin to his Mother’s home. Lee to his Mother’s home with Austin in it. Saul to Austin’s Mother’s home with Austin in it. Saul to Austin and Lee’s Mother’s home with Lee and Austin in it. Austin and Lee to their Mother’s home with their Mother in it.

I’m returning to my favourite London theatre doing one of the very best plays of the last century.

Eugene O’Hare

For more information about True West, to watch the trailer and book tickets, click here. Join in the conversation with #TrueWest.

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